The Law Office of Jennifer E. Longtin

Maxwell Boltinghouse

Junior Associate 

Maxwell L. Boltinghouse is a young attorney dedicated to zealous representation and advocacy for clients in need.

Maxwell represents clients accused of crimes at all stages of litigation.  From bond and pre-trial negotiation, jury trial, probation violation and revocation, to sentencing and reconsideration, he strives throughout the lifespan of his cases to achieve the best resolution and outcome for his clients.

Maxwell is a graduate of the University of Denver Sturm College of Law, where he focused on Criminal Defense, Trial Advocacy, and Individual Rights. Maxwell put these skills to use working with the Arapahoe County Office of the Public Defender. As a Certified Legal Intern, Maxwell represented clients faced with a variety of charges such as Violations of Protection Order, Drug Offenses, Probation Violations and Revocations, DUI, DUR, and other traffic offenses. While completing his degree, Maxwell was also involved with a number of social advancement and advocacy organizations promoting legal assistance and education around Colorado. Maxwell is a member of the American Bar Association, Colorado Bar Association, and Denver Bar Association.

Maxwell brings his unique experience and drive to serve his clients ever-changing needs to The Law Office of Jennifer E. Longtin. Maxwell understands the anxiety, frustration, and insecurity that accompanies any legal matter. He is committed to ensuring his clients feel supported, and their interests protected, throughout the legal process.

Mattson Smith

Junior Associate​

Mattson Smith is a passionate advocate who believes in working not just for the client, but with them, to find the best outcomes at each stage of the criminal process.

Mattson was raised in a small town in South Carolina, where he learned early that our justice system cannot function without dedicated attorneys who will not only represent their clients, but passionately advocate on their behalf. This passion followed Mattson to college at Furman University where he interned with an International Human Rights Group in Brussels, Belgium, as well as at a legal non-profit in Columbia, South Carolina, dedicated to indigent rights.

Following college, Mattson moved to Colorado to pursue his Juris Doctorate at the University of Denver, where he focused his energy into criminal defense. He spent a year working in the criminal defense clinic at DU and interned with the Colorado Public Defender's Office. His time working on issues ranging from DUI to Sex Assault on a Child, reaffirmed Mattson’s earliest belief that simply representing a defendant is not enough. Criminal Defense requires a holistic approach: understanding your client’s circumstances, their goals, and their experiences, not just through the lens of a criminal trial, but as it relates to their past, present, and future.  Mattson is an enthusiastic about joining the Law Firm’s team and is ready to help guide you through each stage of the criminal process. 

Laura Harvell

Senior Associate 

​​Laura Harvell is an experienced trial attorney dedicated to client-centered criminal defense.

Laura represents both juvenile and adult clients accused of crimes at all stages of litigation, from arraignment to pre-trial negotiations, jury and bench trials, probation revocation hearings, sentencing, and direct appeals. She works diligently from the very beginning of a case to coordinate with her client, her investigator, and all other resources at her disposal to prepare mitigation and a zealous defense. 

Laura is a graduate of the University of South Carolina School of Law, where she 
focused on juvenile justice and appellate work before working as a public defender in Denver. As a public defender, Laura represented hundreds of clients against charges of domestic violence, assault, theft, DUR, and other traffic offenses. Laura brings her experience in representing people from a variety of backgrounds and with varied needs to the Law Office of Jennifer E. Longtin. 

Laura understands that cases do not occur in a vacuum. Laura is committed to keeping clients informed and ensuring that they feel comfortable and supported throughout the process of resolving a criminal case. She considers it critical to understand a client’s needs, background, and goals when preparing to negotiate a resolution or take a case to trial.

An Appellate Advocate You Can Trust

Jennifer has argued and briefed cases in front of the Colorado Supreme Court, as well as the Colorado Court of Appeals. She has appealed felony and  misdemeanor convictions, and litigated post-conviction proceedings including motions for sentence reconsideration and petitions regarding ineffective assistance of counsel.   Jennifer believes that trial is only the beginning of the fight for her client's liberty. 


A Passionate Defender 

Jennifer Longtin is an attorney who is passionate about seeking justice for all people.  She is a former Public Defender with experience in trial, negotiation, and appellate work.  Jennifer has tried cases ranging from simple traffic offenses and DUIs to murder and complex sex offenses.  Jennifer is dedicated to serving the mentally ill who are involved in the criminal justice system; she litigates issues of competency, sanity, and uses a client's situation and history to find treatment alternatives to incarceration.  Jennifer has also worked with veterans, those suffering from PTSD and TBI, victims of domestic violence, and the developmentally delayed to make sure that the prosecution understands how their unique life experiences play into their current situation and needs.  

Jennifer E. Longtin
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Avvo - Rate your Lawyer. Get Free Legal Advice.

Anne Parker

Senior Associate

Prior to joining the Law Office of Jennifer E. Longtin, Anne primarily practiced juvenile defense, zealously representing youth charged with crimes.  She recognizes that for all people, especially children, the consequences of a criminal case reach beyond the courtroom.  She has worked with clients to expunge their juvenile records, petition to be removed from the sex offender registry, and ensure schools are providing services and due process rights to their special education students. She has also advocated for youth in the state legislature; working with the Colorado Juvenile Defender Center, to ensure that children have access to attorneys in the courtroom.

Anne is experienced in post-conviction litigation and appeals as well.  She has worked on direct appeals, 35(c) petitions, and collateral attacks to habitual counts.  She is excited to bring this experience to the Law Office of Jennifer E. Longtin.

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Avvo - Rate your Lawyer. Get Free Legal Advice.