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We're a group of passionate mental health advocates, experienced criminal defense attorneys and rock star paralegals. Above all, we're human beings that want to help you and your family face the criminal justice system with confidence.
our values

We wear our values on our sleeve.

  • Compassion
  • Health
  • Strength of Character
  • Respect for All
We believe that a person is not the sum of their worst day, but so much more. We specialize in cases that involve mental health and provide resolutions that work for our clients.
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Meet the crew.

Jennifer Longtin

Founder, JLongtin Law

Dedicated to serving the mentally ill who are involved in the criminal justice system; Jen litigates issues of competency, sanity, and uses a client's situation and history to find treatment alternatives to incarceration.

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Mattson Smith


Mattson Smith is a passionate advocate who believes in working not just for the client, but with them, to find the best outcomes at each stage of the criminal process.

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Laurie Larson

Managing Paralegal

Laurie combines her research and management skills, her direct service skills and her paralegal training with her passion for equality, social justice and human rights.

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Zoie Bauer

Paralegal, Mitigation Specialist

In a system and society that judges people based on the charges against them, Zoie is committed to our clients as human beings whose stories deserve to be told.

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