Appeals and Post-Conviction


Appeals/Post-Conviction Remedies

The attorneys at JLongtin Law have specialized knowledge and experience in the areas of appellate and post-conviction practice. The appellate and post-conviction process is complex, and persons seeking post-conviction relief face multifaceted statutory and procedural hurdles.

Direct Appeals

Every person who has been convicted of a crime may appeal the conviction or sentence. An appeal is often the first step a person can take to challenge an unjust or illegal conviction. If you appeal a case, a higher court will review what happened in the case, whether the court made any legal errors, and will either uphold or vacate the conviction. There are very specific time frames and deadlines for filing an appeal and it is important to speak with a knowledgeable attorney as soon as possible after conviction.  Our attorneys believe that the client’s perspective on an appeal is important and involve our client’s in the appeals process.  We work to provide the best legal analysis and creative problem-solving to the record in your case.


In addition to an appeal, you may challenge your conviction on the basis that your attorney was ineffective, there is new evidence in your case, or your sentence was unconstitutional.  Like appeals, post-conviction remedies have specific deadlines and filing requirements, and it is critical to meet with an attorney to discuss any possible avenues for relief following a conviction.  Our appellate counsel will sit with you to brainstorm possible avenues open to you in this area and strive to give you a realistic assessment of your chances for relief.