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Expanding access to legal representation is core to our mission. We created CARe to do just that.

We get it, criminal defense is expensive...

CARe stands for Compassionate, Affordable Representation, and is a program designed in response to the lack of affordable representation in the community. It provides reasonable rated representation to those who do not financially qualify for a public defender, but would have qualified if the guidelines were more broad.

If you have been charged with a crime related to a mental illness, and cannot afford to hire an attorney, our CARe program may be right for you.
who is this for?

Do I qualify for the CARe program?

CARe is for individuals whose incomes are above the state public defender guidelines, but who still cannot afford to hire a criminal defense attorney charging typical rates.

We offer discounted rates.

Whether the court appoints us on your case, you hire us at standard rates, or you join us for the CARE program, you will get the same professional, compassionate and dedicated representation from each and every member of our team.

How do I apply for CARe?

To be considered for our CARe program, you must complete an application. We offer three ways in which you can apply. First, you can use the button below to access our online application. Second, you can email us at Lastly, you can call our office at 303-747-6898.
Common questions about C.a.r.e

Your questions, answered.

I did not get assigned a public defender, but I cannot afford an attorney. Is CARe right for me?
If you are found indigent by the court system, the court is supposed to appoint an attorney to represent you. However, even if you have a good job and do not qualify for a court appointed attorney, you may still not be able to afford legal representation. Let's be honest - no one has $10,000 lying around in case they get charged with a crime. That is why we developed the CARe program.
Ho do you determine who is eligible for CARe?
The public defender system bases its guidelines on the federal poverty rate. JLongtin Law understands that the cost of living in Colorado, especially in the Denver Metro Area, is much higher than this federal number.

We have re-tooled the public defender criteria to include a cost of living increase, as well as provided extra criteria that the public defender's office can't consider, such as whether the source of someone's income is partially, or entirely, from government assistance.
How much does CARe cost?
As you look over our website you, may notice we mention C.A.R.e. rates. Our CARe program provides the same level of service and representation from our team at a discounted rate. While CARe is not free, it is an affordable solution for many individuals and families facing the criminal justice system. To learn more about CARe, please contact our office.
What types of criminal charges qualify for the CARe program?
JLongtin Law works primarily with individuals who are facing criminal charges while also suffering from mental health issues.

Our firm provides a comprehensive understanding of issues surrounding competency, insanity, and other mental health related defenses to crimes. We recognize that, because of our focus on mental health, many of our clients are unable to afford a criminal defense attorney at typical rates.

We created CARe to help those individuals and their families obtain the legal representation they need.
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