CARe Program

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CARe stands for Compassionate, Affordable Representation, and is a program designed in response to the lack of affordable representation in the community. It provides reasonable rated representation to those who do not financially qualify for a public defender, but would have qualified if the guidelines were more broad.

The public defender system bases its guidelines on the federal poverty rate. JLongtin Law understands that the cost of living in Colorado, especially in the Denver Metro Area, is much higher than this federal number. We have re-tooled the public defender criteria to include a cost of living increase, as well as provided extra criteria that the public defender's office can't consider, such as whether the source of someone's income is partially, or entirely, from government assistance.

To see if you qualify for CARe, please fill out the CARe Application and email it to us as If you have any questions, please call us at 303-747-6898 or Contact Us.


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