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Family Criminal Defense Assistance

When your loved one is facing criminal charges, it can feel like life is slipping out of control. Our family coaching program is designed to put control back into your hands.

Mental Health Criminal Defense Can be Confusing…

At JLongtin Law, we believe that everyone is better off in the criminal justice system if they are informed.

If your loved one is in jail, represented by the Public Defender, has fled the state, or is in inpatient treatment or civilly committed, JLongtin Law’s Family Coaching Program can give you peace of mind.

We will help you understand what, exactly, is going on, what is likely to happen in the case, and what you can do to help.
what's included

Power to help your loved ones...

Meeting & consultation with an attorney.
Legal process resource packet.
Criminal charges advisement letter.

How can you help your loved one today?

At JLongtin Law, we believe that knowledge is the most important thing you can have when facing criminal charges is knowledge. That is why we have created a wealth from mental health and criminal defense resources for our clients and their families. Click the button below to learn more.
Common questions about family legal coaching

Your questions, answered.

The public defender is representing my family. Will legal coaching help his/her case?
If your family member is being represented by the public defender, they may not meet with them until their first court date. In fact, it can be weeks before they have contact with their court appointed attorney.

Legal coaching is designed to alleviate the stress and confusion that often comes with criminal charges.

Our attorneys can help you and your family navigate the court system and put together resources and information that can help your family member's case.
My loved is going to represent themselves in court. Should we consider legal coaching?
Although we don't advise representing yourself in court, it is your constitutional right to do so. We created our legal coaching program to assist pro se defendants be as successful as possible when facing the criminal justice system alone.

Through family legal coaching, you will have an expanded consultation with one of our attorneys where you can get your questions about your family member's charges and case answered. You will also receive an advisement letter from one of our attorneys, detailing the charges, as well as a resource packet that provides additional details about the court process.

Our goal is to help you and your family capably navigate the criminal justice system.
What does legal coaching include?
Legal coaching provides an expanded consultation with one of our attorneys where you can get your questions about your family member's charges answered. You will also receive a comprehensive legal resource packet, which will help answer basic questions about court proceedings.

You will also receive an advisement letter. This document will provide a detailed explanation about the charges your family member is facing, including possible penalties.

Finally we help you prepare for your family member's first court date by collecting information that may mitigate their charges.
How much does legal coaching cost?
We understand that criminal defense representation at full rates can be expensive. That is why we created our legal coaching program for families.

Legal coaching puts the power of knowledge in your hands so that you can take help your family member in the most powerful way possible: support.

We offer family legal coaching on a flat fee basis. You can view our flat fee pricing HERE.
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