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Legal Coaching is designed to help you put your best foot forward on your case from the start, whether you may seek an attorney at some point, or are planning on going pro se (representing yourself).
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When you are charged with a crime, often you don't know what to do next...

JLongtin Law offers clients better understanding of their circumstances and the legal system through our legal coaching program.

An expanded consultation can offer you a chance to ask basic questions, obtain a resource packet, and understand your charges, all before your first court date or first time meeting with the prosecution.

JLongtin Law’s legal coaching program is here to give you the most important thing you can have when facing criminal charges: knowledge.
what's included

Confidence to face your charges head on.

Meeting & consultation with an attorney.
Legal process resource packets.
Criminal charges advisement letter.

Legal Coaching Solutions for Families

Legal Coaching is also great for families and loved-ones who want to help someone in jail; we can provide information on the bonding process, the severity of charges and likely penalties, tips and tricks for contacting the Public Defender, and referrals for related attorneys, such as civil rights or probate counsel.
Common questions about legal coaching

Your questions, answered.

I've been appointed to the public defender's office. Will legal coaching help my case?
If you're going to have a public defender, you probably won't see them until your first court date - sometimes five to six weeks out from your arrest. Legal coaching is designed for you. Our attorneys can help you prepare for your first court date by assembling mitigating information through public service records or possible classes so that you can help your public defender help you.
I'm planning on representing myself in court. Should I consider legal coaching?
It is your constitutional right to defend yourself in court, and we want to help you be as successful as possible in doing so. Through legal coaching, you will have an expanded consultation with one of our attorneys where you can get your questions about your charges and your case answered. You will also leave your meeting with an advisement letter, detailing your charges, as well as a resource packet that provides additional details about the court process. Our goal is to help you capably navigate your first meeting with the prosecutor assigned to your case.
What does legal coaching include?
Our legal coaching offers you an expanded consultation with one of our attorneys where you can get your questions answered. You will also receive a comprehensive legal resource packet, which will help answer your questions about the court process.

Furthermore, our legal coaching program will also provide you with an advisement letter, that way you will know what you're charged with and what penalties you're facing before you stepping into the courtroom.

Finally our attorneys can help you prepare for your first day by assembling mitigation, public service, or possible classes so that you can help your public defender help you. Or, you can capably help yourself through the first meeting with the prosecutor.
How much does legal coaching cost?
We understand that criminal defense representation at full rates can be expensive. That is why we created our legal coaching program.

Legal coaching puts the power of knowledge in your hands so that you can take full control over your case, without the hefty price tag typically associated with retaining a criminal defense attorney.

We offer legal coaching on a flat fee basis. You can view our flat fee pricing HERE.
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