Mental Health Criminal Defense

JLongtin Law knows the importance of mental health and how it can affect a client in their case.

Mental health issues are an important part of many criminal cases; the incarceration rates of the mentally ill in America are staggering. At the JLongtin Law, we know that everyone deserves a zealous defense, and strive to provide just that, especially for those who may be in a vulnerable state or deserve extra consideration due to a particular challenge they may be facing.

Our firm provides a comprehensive understanding of issues surrounding competency, insanity, and other mental health related defenses to crimes. We pride ourselves on treating the whole client through the incorporation of a social worker and/or mental health specific investigator to help with your case. We strive to use the legal process to gain our clients better access to treatment, as well as housing if necessary.  Our attorneys are experienced in providing both first and second chair services to cases involving mental illness and developmental disability; we are happy to consult for other attorneys in the community to aid them in navigating mental health specific legal proceedings. JLongtin Law will ensure that the judge or jury understands your unique position, and how it affects your rights and your case.


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