My Own Mental Health Battle

When you look at the backgrounds of the office as a whole, it’s easy to single me out as the black sheep. I graduated with a degree in Ecology and Biodiversity; not exactly predestined for working in a law office. So why am I here?

Since I was young, I have been struggling with my own mental health problems. I have been in and out of therapy and on and off different medications since then. After college, I finally found the right combination that worked for me, and I can honestly say I am happier and mentally healthier than I have been in the last decade. But it was a long, challenging uphill battle. I never had a good support system; mental health was taboo in my family, a stigma swept under the rug and blamed on teenage hormones.

I was working in a retail job, absolutely dreading going in for another shift. I was looking at the University of Denver job board for a new job, and I saw a posting for a legal administrative position. Nearly a year later, I am now the Office Manager and I wake up every morning excited to see what the new day brings.

At one point, I did worry that my own mental health would be negatively affected by the type of cases that the firm handled. But I quickly realized that my own experience made me perfect for this job. JLongtin Law works to be that support system for our clients that I never had. I can be there for our clients, using my own experience to show them compassion and understanding.

One day, I’ll get around to saving endangered species and studying previously unexplained animal behaviors. But for now, I think I will stick around and make sure I can help as many of our clients as I can, working together with a team dedicated to giving people the support we all need.

-Carissa Cherpes, Office Manager

Jennifer Longtin