Part of a Team

Before I came to work here, Jen sold me on how tight-knit her group was at the office. That is so true, and was evident last week especially when we went on a retreat. Our lawyers got on a plane and flew out to Phoenix. We spent the next two and half days living together, eating meals together, spending time together, and making plans for how we can make this an even better firm that can help more people.

Our team worked with other small firms from around the country to develop new ways to get our clients integrated into our office and the legal process. This included some really fun role-playing where Jen got to be the client, and we all had to try and solve her problems! We had time to have a brainstorming session where we talked about our clients' pain points in the case process, and how we could solve those issues. Hopefully, we’ll have some changes coming in the next month or so. Maybe even some more videos!

Overall, the retreat has been the highlight of my year so far. Tons of time to bond with the team, eat good food, get some good work done, and I even got to hang out in the pool for a little bit. Jen followed through on her promise to me that I would be working with a team and not just a bunch of coworkers. And while it might not sound like it’s a big difference, it makes all of the difference for me.

-Robert Houton, Of Counsel

Jennifer Longtin