After spending several years as an executive manager with a growing organization, starting my own nonprofit, and working as an independent contractor, I was looking to do something that would keep me interested, without exhaustion, until retirement.

My search led me to a paralegal internship at JLongtin Law.  I came at a time of much transition in the firm, and quickly became a paralegal, office manager, and a bit of a mother hen to an amazing group of attorneys.   I have always been fiercely self-motivated, independent, and love a challenge.  My task was clear: to learn how to provide paralegal assistance, keep the office organized, and help put some infrastructure in place as a somewhat older, not-quite-full-time newbie to the field of law and the firm.  No prob.

As we moved through the growing pains of expansion, I functioned less as a paralegal and more as an administrative assistant with some paralegal tasks. My ability to work independently became a bit of a burden as I struggled to keep up with the administrative side of things, while providing our attorneys with paralegal assistance.

Our latest growth spurt brought us two full time paralegals.  Joy and Zoie are both amazing people who bring different sets of paralegal skills to our firm.  Although I still have administrative duties, I am working with Joy and Zoie to build our Legal Support Team.  With the expansion of our team, we are able to strengthen our services of mitigation, investigations, and overall client support.

As I have grown older, I have become more aware of the importance of being a member of a team.  I still value my ability to be independent but knowing when a team is needed is crucial to both my personal health and the health of the firm.  Zoie and Joy have already relieved much of my stress and have provided our attorneys and clients with a much wider range of legal support than was possible with just one assistant.  Three is so much better than one.