Mattson Smith


Mattson Smith is a passionate advocate who believes in working not just for the client, but with them, to find the best outcomes at each stage of the criminal process.

Mattson was raised in a small town in South Carolina, where he learned early that our justice system cannot function without dedicated attorneys who will not only represent their clients, but passionately advocate on their behalf. This passion followed Mattson to college at Furman University where he interned with an International Human Rights Group in Brussels, Belgium, as well as at a legal non-profit in Columbia, South Carolina, dedicated to indigent rights.

As an attorney, Mattson hit the ground running, winning both his first trial and first appeal. Since then, Mattson has negotiated sex offenses to dismissal, and litigated assault cases to not guilty verdicts, securing numerous victories for his clients in between. Whether meeting with a client, negotiating with a district attorney, or duking it out in trial, Mattson fights for his client’s rights, their liberty, and their intrinsic humanity.  

A firm believer in the law as a career of service, Mattson has helped spearhead JLongtin Law’s involvement in Denver’s Outreach Court Program, being featured in the American Bar Association’s article on the program. Mattson also works with Colorado’s Alternate Defense Counsel to take appointments on cases the public defender cannot take as well as with local municipalities to represent clients who cannot pay.

When he isn’t running from Courthouse to Courthouse, Mattson can be found hiking in the region's many mountain ranges or searching for Colorado’s best breakfast burrito.

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