Temporary and Permanent Restraining Orders


At JLongtin Law we understand the severe impacts a Temporary or Permanent Restraining Order can have on your children, family, or job. Even without a conviction, emotionally invested individuals have the ability to inflict harm through mere accusations. We are invested in maintaining familial relations, while also seeking the best outcomes for all parties involved.  We have experience negotiating these orders to various resolutions, including dismissal.  We also understand that sometimes, a full hearing is the only way to defend your rights and reputation, and we present a strong front against both self-represented, and attorney-represented, opposing parties. 
Alternatively, we believe that both Temporary and Permanent Restraining Orders can be the best way to protect yourself from abuse, harassment, or stalking.  Often, when the police are not willing to listen to your cries for help, or you need assistance in starting the painful and frightening process of leaving an abusive relationship, a restraining order is the best first step you can take.  We understand the need to prosecute these orders for victims, and we also aid out victim clients in finding shelter and housing placement, treatment, and a new sense of security.