What our clients have to say about us.

"Extremely grateful for Jennifer, Mattson and the rest of the team at JLongtin Law. They were professional, respectful and diligent throughout the entire process. I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking legal advice, consultations and representation. Jennifer’s extensive knowledge and experience in the Colorado legal system provides an insight other attorneys might not offer. I'm not sure the outcome would have been the same if other legal representation was used. Jennifer and her team work extremely hard and I will absolutely be referring others to the firm."
"I already recommended you guys to two people at the courthouse. You guys were very understanding. It was quality service for the best possible price. You were the only firm that worked within my budget. I appreciate you."
“Incredibly knowledgeable and expert representation. As my attorney in a traffic matter that involved criminal charges, Jennifer provided adept advice that demonstrated her significant experience and sound strategy in the face of unfavorable circumstances. She negotiated effectively on my behalf to arrive at a beneficial outcome that far exceeded my expectations. Her thorough counsel and professional savvy were invaluable in what would otherwise have been an extremely stressful and perhaps detrimental experience. I cannot recommend her quality advocacy more.”
“Jennifer Longtin and I have become genuine friends over the years of her representation of me through serial cases. I have type 1 bipolar disorder (a severe mental illness) that causes me to act out occasionally in violation of the laws. She is well educated in the laws pertaining to the mentally ill and has saved me from a bad end on many occasions, Generally speaking, I hate lawyers because they are greedy, shifty, lying vultures that pray upon the misfortunes of others - but Jennifer and her team should be distinguished from the crowd. They say that they care - and they are willing to deliver.”
“Comprehensive and kind. I truly recommend them after going through a rough patch following divorce. They show leadership and explain things concisely and clearly.”
“Take it from a veteran of the criminal justice system, for thirty-two years I've had the displeasure of engaging the courts of Weld, Denver, Arapahoe, Douglas, Adams, Fremont, and Jefferson Counties - and I've even made a guest appearance before the U.S. District Court for the District of South Carolina, and so I know a good defense attorney when I see one. Currently, Jennifer and her killer legal team are handling two of my cases, and well, because I'm still at liberty to write this review speaks volumes. Jennifer and her legal bulldogs are not just good lawyers; they're a criminal defendant's dream come true. :)”

Buddy the Buck

A note on our online reviews...

Mental health criminal defense is complicated and relies heavily on communication. At JLongtin Law we work very hard to meet clients where they are, and effectively communicate with them in their representation.

Sometimes, this doesn’t work, for any of a host of reasons. Not all clients are right for all attorneys, and not all attorneys are the right fit for an individual’s specific needs.

We always respect our client’s feelings and concerns, and hope that all people in the criminal justice system can find an attorney who can satisfy their specific desires for representation, during what is often a difficult and emotional time in their lives.

We do not respond to any specific criticism in reviews, even if we strongly disagree with a public statement, due to attorney-client privilege and our desire to protect all prospective, current, and former clients of the firm.


Buddy the Buck

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