Meet the Team


Robert Houton

Of Counsel 

Robert Houton is a long-time resident of Colorado. He attended law school at the University of Denver Sturm College of Law, graduating in 2011. While in law school, Robert developed a passion for working with the indigent, since this population is often overlooked and lacks the quality representation that they deserve in the court system. Upon graduation, Robert worked with the Colorado State Public Defender in Pueblo and Denver. In his time there, Robert defended hundreds of clients on charges ranging from petty offenses to serious felonies. He took dozens of cases to jury trial while with the Public Defender's Office.

In 2016,Robert left the Colorado State Public Defender and started a solo law practice where he continued to help protect people. Now with JLongtin Law, he continues helping people who have less access to the legal system and gives them the representation that they need and deserve.

Robert Houton is the Of Counsel attorney working at JLongtin Law.

Amelia Power is the Senior Associate at JLongtin Law.

Amelia Power

Senior Associate

The National Trial Lawyers

The criminal justice system is often a complicated and confusing process.  Amelia understands that each client needs an understanding guide as well as a strong advocate, and Amelia is both.

Amelia is from Colorado and worked as a paralegal in Denver for several years before beginning DU Law School.  In law school, Amelia found her passion advocating on behalf of people accused of crimes.  She spent two years in the Criminal Defense Clinic, learning to strategically litigate through hands-on experience with real clients.  Amelia also shared her passion with other students, working as an Academic Achievement Student Leader in Criminal Law.  Amelia graduated in the top 15% of her class and received the award for Outstanding Criminal Defense Clinic Student. 

After graduation, Amelia started at the Arapahoe trial office of the Colorado State Public Defender.  During her three years as a Deputy Public Defender, Amelia handled hundreds of cases.  Practicing in both adult court and juvenile court, Amelia learned the importance of uncovering each client’s unique story.  Through careful negotiation, extensive mitigation, and strong litigation – including many jury trials – Amelia worked hard to meet each client’s goals in both misdemeanor and felony cases.

Amelia now focuses her criminal defense practice on cases with mental health concerns.  Amelia has argued bond, prepared mitigation, litigated issues related to competency, presented mental health defenses, and done post-conviction work in this area.  Knowing that her clients are dealing with not only a criminal issue but a mental health challenge makes Amelia a compassionate attorney.  Amelia is devoted to working with all parties in the system to craft appropriate and empathetic resolutions to these cases.

Mattson Smith


Mattson Smith is a passionate advocate who believes in working not just for the client, but with them, to find the best outcomes at each stage of the criminal process.

Mattson was raised in a small town in South Carolina, where he learned early that our justice system cannot function without dedicated attorneys who will not only represent their clients, but passionately advocate on their behalf. This passion followed Mattson to college at Furman University where he interned with an International Human Rights Group in Brussels, Belgium, as well as at a legal non-profit in Columbia, South Carolina, dedicated to indigent rights.

Following college, Mattson moved to Colorado to pursue his Juris Doctorate at the University of Denver, where he focused his energy into criminal defense. He spent a year working in the criminal defense clinic at DU and interned with the Colorado Public Defender's Office. His time working on issues ranging from DUI to Sex Assault on a Child, reaffirmed Mattson’s earliest belief that simply representing a defendant is not enough. Criminal Defense requires a holistic approach: understanding your client’s circumstances, their goals, and their experiences, not just through the lens of a criminal trial, but as it relates to their past, present, and future.  Mattson is an enthusiastic about joining the Law Firm’s team and is ready to help guide you through each stage of the criminal process. 

Mattson Smith is an associate at JLongtin Law, helping with the DUI program.

Laurie Larson is the paralegal at JLongtin Law.

Laurie Larson

Managing Paralegal

The majority of Laurie’s professional career has been spent in the field of social science research and organizational management.  As a Researcher, she conducted evaluations for programs serving women who were incarcerated and were struggling with substance abuse issues, children living in an orphanage in Tanzania, at-risk children matched with an adult mentor, and other underserved populations.

Laurie left the field of research to pursue her interests in serving individuals experiencing homelessness.  This led her to the creation of Sharing Pathways, a nonprofit organization focused on assisting women who were experiencing homelessness, obtain permanent housing.  Due to the extreme challenges in Denver’s housing market, Sharing Pathways was closed after successfully placing several women in stable housing.

Now, Laurie combines her research and management skills, her direct service skills and her paralegal training with her passion for equality, social justice and human rights. She provides a continuum of support to both the attorneys and our clients.


Joy Weaver


Originally intending to be an Aircraft Mechanic and Machinist, Joy found her love of organization and complex fittings also applied to the field of legal support after an injury to her knees prompted discharge from the military. She believes that the law is a system that is designed to protect, not entrap, people, and that metal illness should be given the same respect and acceptance as any other illness or injury.

Most recently from Wyoming where she lived in a town of less than one hundred people, Joy moved back to Colorado for the civilization and the Starbucks. She continues to visit her geese and farm dog when she can, but enjoys the ability to work in a place where her complex background of growing up in a foster-adopt home and working as a non-medical home-health aid to the elderly is put to good use.

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Zoie Bauer

Paralegal, Mitigation Specialist

Originally from Wisconsin, Zoie serendipitously discovered JLongtin Law while searching for firms that shared her values of client dignity, advocacy, and wellness within the criminal justice system. In a system and society that judges people based on the charges against them, Zoie is committed to our clients as human beings whose stories deserve to be told.

Zoie graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison where she studied social work and held multiple legal support positions. Having worked on Social Security Disability appeals, many of which involved mental illness, Zoie understands the significant impact mental illness can have on someone’s life. She advocates for compassionate, not punitive, responses to behavioral health symptoms. Zoie previously worked for the Federal Public Defender’s office, where she focused on client services and mitigation at all stages of the criminal process. Most recently, Zoie worked as a pretrial case manager in Milwaukee County, which confirmed her dedication to mental health and criminal justice reform and motivated her to advocate for clients at a higher level.

Zoie was happy to trade the Great Lakes for the Rocky Mountains, and the chance to join the JLongtin Law team. She believes that individuals in every state deserve the representation that this firm offers and hopes to see its success and values spread throughout the country.